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Penis Enlargement Technical Information to Help Men Make a Bigger Penis

In a previous article I addressed the notion of applying penile "torque" while employing the jelqing exercises to help men get better and more responsive results from their enlargement techniques.

After reading some other articles on the process of "jelqing" it seems that a lot of people mistake enlargement through this procedure as something very simple and easy to perform. This both is true and false. Yes, increased size can be achieved with jelq techniques, and the exercises are simple, that's true; but one must understand what we are really dealing with here to get the most impressive results.

There are three cavities in the penis that engorge with blood to create an erection. Two paired upper cavities (the largest) and the lower (single) cavity that encloses the urethra. The urethra is a tube that extends from the bladder out your penis which allows a man to urinate.

We will focus on the main upper caverns, as they make up the main erectile center of the penis. The tunica albuginea is the dense covering that gives structural support to theses caverns. This surrounding tissue is one of the toughest substances in your body. This covering is extremely strong and resilient. Simple milking procedures, I promise you, won't do that much to alter the physical structure of these coverings.

One other factor is the placement of these channels, as they run along side each other. While they are separated by a septum in the middle (a continuation of the tunica), they can still exchange blood from the left to the right (or right to the left) channel because this septum is semi-permeable. This ensures a balanced and symmetrical penis, as well as ensuring blood pressure equalization in both chambers. This balance and equalization refers to the erective state.

On to jelqing principles: There is more than one component of addressing enlargement through "milking" the penile tissues. The most obvious component is that of forcing more blood into these chambers to enlarge their volumetric capacity through repetitive volumetric strain (bulk fluid strain). However, there is another factor that is often overlooked. That is the process of targeting the tunica covering through the friction of the force applied exogenously with your hands. This "direct" pressure, applied from outside the penis, will help loosen the fibrous structure of the tunical coverings. This speeds up the ability for these channels to increase their volumetric capacity. This is what I hope to address below:

Through normal jelqing maneuvers the lateral (side) aspects and the superior (top) aspect of this covering will be targeted heavily through regular milking exercises. This leave the medial (middle) and inferior (lower) aspects of these channels receiving a lessened amount of attention through the process of performing "squeezing" exercises.

This means that under normal circumstances, only half of the covering of these channels will be affected the most during jelqing techniques. This is because this force is applied more directly to the upper and side portions of these coverings. Remember, the applied force in jelqing is exogenously-induced (your hands or jelqing device, for example). As these channels are symmetrical in shape, this presents us with the question of an imbalance from exercising. For if only the lateral and superior portions are (mainly) being affected by your exercises, you will tend to create asymmetry in these channels with conventional jelq maneuvers.

The fibers in the tunica albuginea are grossly arranged longitudinally. However, they have an irregular structure in their finer aspects. This means that the fibers themselves are arranged in no particular order or structured template. They are neither horizontal or longitudinal. In fact, there is no pattern to their lay-out. They are placed in every- and any-which way and direction. This makes this covering much stronger than if there was a patterned component to their architecture. This means that focusing on simple longitudinal jelqing will result in sub-par results.

The only way to compensate for this is to introduce torque into such "squeezing" maneuvers. This means that one needs to simply add a rotational component to the longitudinal-jelqing procedure. When rotation is added, the twisting affects the entire length and all aspects (of all sides) of these channels. This will not only encourage these channels to be affected on all aspects of its perimetral surfaces (something you can't accomplish with simple longitudinal jelqing, even in all neutral, lateral, anterior, and superior planes), but will also increase the ability for you to better re-structure these tissues through the jelq-ing process; as you are introducing a more dynamic and overall force into these tissues that better targets the fiber pattern architecture of these coverings.

The key is the axis of rotation (fulcrum point) of your torque application. When exercising it's best to start at the base of the penis, and use this as your starting fulcrum point for rotation. Then move up the shaft, and apply again. Repeat until the entire shaft is targeted. The reason for this is that at your point of fulcrum is where you apply the most force and thus will generate the most impact. Moving up the shaft will place your fulcrum point (and applied force) at different lengths of the penis and help create a more symmetrical and balanced enlargement.
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The Golden Secret of Penis Lengthening - Understanding Ligamentous, Creep & Force Relaxation
One of the basic forms of penis lengthening is through exercising or stretching out the ligaments that support and anchor the penis to the body. Learning the fundamentals of how to get the most "stretch" out of stretching these ligaments will aid men in increasing the length of these ligaments. For brevity's sake we'll use the Suspensory Ligament and Fundiform Ligament in this example, although more ligaments can be targeted in the enlargement process.

Ligaments are used in the body to primarily anchor bone to bone. However, there are also forms that anchor soft tissue to soft tissue (such as the ligaments that support the breasts) and soft tissue to bone, as in the case of the penis.

Ligaments, unlike tendons, have the ability to deform (stretch) when a force over a period of time is applied to them. Ligaments aren't bulletproof, however. If they are stretched (in a shortened period of time, such as trauma) more than 5% of their length, then can be severely damaged or ruptured. As penis enlargement stretches are carried out over an extended length of time, this shouldn't be a problem. But it should help remind men to be cautious in their enlargement exercises. Penis enlargement is something to take seriously -- It is not a game.

Ligaments upon them initially being stretched are fairly elastic. As the "stretch" factor is continually applied to the ligament, however, they become stiffer and more resistant to stretching. Which means, that it is easy to get them to initially stretch to their limit, but to go beyond that limit and truly increase the length of the ligament permanently, takes more than just simple stretching.

Their are two ways to go about causing permanent deformation (lengthening) in a ligament. The first method is via "Force Relaxation" and the second method is via "Creep." Utilizing these concepts while stretching out the Fundiform and Suspensory Ligament will allow increased lengthening of the ligaments in a shorter period of time than just "regular" stretching.

(This information is for educational purposes only. If you choose to utilize this knowledge in your own penis-enlargement program, please consult with your physician to rule out any underlying pathology, any adverse pre-existing conditions, to rule out any contraindications, and get their "okay" that it is safe for you to perform before you proceed.)

Force Relaxation: Force Relaxation is stretching a ligament to a desired length and keeping it at that amount of stretch without applying additional force. The ligament is held at a desired length and held there. With time the ligament will "relax" and stretch itself longer. For example we will use the upper-suspensory ligaments in a basic exercise called the Penis Bend (NOTE: Never perform this with an erect penis as you can damage the tunica albuginea). This is basically putting a set number of digits under the penis and bending the penis downward and over the fingers. This is a simple exercise to stretch these ligaments. If we incorporate Force Relaxation, we would bend the penis over the digital fulcrum and simply hold it there for a period of time without exerting any extra force on the ligament. We would just keep it at the original length we stretched it to (remember, ligaments are semi-elastic and will immediately stretch with a given force).

Creep: Creep is where a ligament is continually stretched with a continual force applied. As the ligament begins to relax and stretch, the force is still applied through continued stretching, unlike Force Relaxation. This constant force applied to the stretching of the ligament encourages it to lengthen permanently. With our previous example of using the Penis Bend technique, instead of just having the ligament stay at our initial stretch level, we will continue to apply our original force as it continues to lengthen. As the ligament lengthens and gets "weaker" it gives up its resistance. So the original force applied to this weakened ligament will not have as big as an effect on continued stretching with the same amount of force. So by keeping the same applied force and stretching the ligament further (taking up the weakened slack) we can increase its permanent deformation.

Studies have been shown that Creep tends to have more of a relationship to permanent lengthening of ligaments than does Force Relaxation. However, Creep is more dangerous, in that if the ligament is taken to its limit it can be damaged or ruptured. So if using Creep techniques, it is best to focus quite intensely on the process at hand so that you don't go past your ligamentous limit and cause irreversible damage. Ligaments have little blood supply so it takes them a long time to heal if they are damaged. Keep it safe and moderate. Don't get too intense with these types of lengthening exercises.

Even though Creep tends to be the method of choice for stretching ligaments permanently, it is also believed that using Creep then followed by Force Relaxation (by staggering them) then back to Creep, etc., will give the best, overall lengthening results.

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The Synergistic Effect for Getting the
Ultimate Penis Enlargement Growth Results
A lot of men are under the impression that their penis is just this external organ that hangs off of the body in the pelvic region. This is easy to understand, at least from a physical perspective, as visually this is what it simply appears to be.

However, there must be some internal mechanism that allows the penis to go from a flaccid state to an erect state, and to ejaculate seminal fluid. This is usually also thought of as solely lying inside the penis itself, though most people understand that glands, like the prostate, are located in the pelvic cavity and not in the penis.

Most of us understand that the "mechanics" of the penis, then, are both inside the penis and inside of the pelvis. These systems are composed of glandular and vascular systems that, again, create an erection and then discharge semen during the orgasmic phase.

When we start looking at the penis a little more closely, we begin to see that not only is its function tied into other areas of the pelvis, but that the functional, erective portion of the penile tissues are also tied into the inner (and outer) pelvis, too. Not only that, but the anchoring systems of the penis are also attached to the inner and outer pelvic regions.

If we begin to look at the pelvis, then, we see that it is connected to the muscles and joints of the lower back and the upper legs. These areas are also connected to the lower limbs, feet, upper back, arm, neck, head, and everything else.

This important concept is called "Synergism" or "Synergy." This is how the body actually works and functions. The concept of synergy simply means that groups or "systems," which may even seem completely unrelated, when functioning together, are much more efficient and useful than if these individual systems work by themselves.

This is how the body functions. For example, you can't move your big toe without moving muscles in your calf, leg, buttocks, back, abdomen, neck, or even the small muscles at the base of the skull. In a wonderfully designed mechanism, all of these muscle groups (systems) work together. This makes movement more fluid and less choppy and it helps distribute "work" loads over more muscles for more stamina, control, and strength.

The "Synergistic Effect," then, in the case of the muscular system of the human body, is that multiple, again, seemingly unrelated muscles, will work together to create a more conservative and stronger affect.

This is an important concept for men who are interested in penis enlargement to understand. The reason for this is that if a man only targets his penile tissues with, let's say, penis exercises, by focusing simply on the penis itself, and not the surrounding synergistic structures, he is limiting the amount of enlargement increases that are available to him.

A good example of a synergistic structure of the penis is the human heart. As the heart is the main pump responsible for pumping blood and blood pressure into the penis, and keeping this pressure constant, this allows him to create an erection. With this example, then, focusing on creating a stronger and healthier heart will enable a man to be able to get better results with his penis enlargement program.

Other synergistic affects might be from having a proper diet, consuming foods high in vitamin c, getting plenty of amino acids, and drinking lots of water. The reason for this is that all of these foodstuffs are important for tissue healing and restructuring - exactly what a man needs when he is exercising his penis.

The largest synergy-relation to penis enlargement would be the accompanying tissues, fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles that are related to the anchoring, erectiveness, placement, and restriction of the penis itself. A good example is the abdominal muscles. Proper targeting and unlocking of the rectus abdominus can help increase the length of a man's penis. Proper pelvic tilt and rotation will make your penis longer, improper pelvic tilt and rotation will make it smaller. Heck, even the latissimus dorsi plays an important role.

Men who are serious about penis enlargement need to target all associated synergistic structures that are of relation to the penis. Only when penis enlargement is viewed from the point of synergy, will a man be able to get the most growth out of his penis.

Men who are serious about penis enlargement, are encouraged to use the most advanced methods of penis enlargement techniques that are available. Iron Man Penis - The Russian System is a book, that covers these techniques, if you want to seriously enlarge your penis.
Motor Neuron Recruitment and Understanding
Penis-Size Response via Penis Enlargement Devices
The Pros and the Cons and How You Can Tell What Will Make Your Penis Bigger in Size in Penis Length & Penis Girth
Harry Houdini was a famous escape artist in the late 1890s and early part of the twentieth century. He was famous for being chained, straight-jacketed, caged, shackled, handcuffed, and physically compromised so much that it would seem quite impossible for him to escape. But he always did. He is considered one of the greatest escapologists of all time

Most photos of Houdini show him with these bizarre chains set-ups, restraints, and devices used to restrict him in any way possible. They are not unlike some of the devices that men use for penis enlargement. There are numerous traction devices, weighted chains, tractionable restraints, and extensive rods that are available for men to enlarge their penises.

Some of these devices are quite impressive and it's hard not to look at them and get the feeling that if anything is going to enlarge a man's penis, then these devices have got to be it. After all, they look so finely designed and engineered in all of their complexity and mechanical abilities.

Which is true. Most of these devices can be utilized to help a man enlarge his penis. Hey, I'm not going to lie to you. These devices aren't my game, but I realize they do work. These devices are some of the rare products that do work for penile enhancement. Pills, magnets, creams, and other "supplements" typically don't.

However, when looking at these mechanical devices, one can't help wonder if one needs to really use this type of equipment to grow their manhood. Like Houdini and his devices, they certainly look impressive, but are they not cumbersome and a bit over-the-top?

Yes and no. For some men who prefer a mechanical and external device to help increase their length, these are the perfect devices for them. Other men prefer different methods.

Take weight lifting for instance. For me, I prefer dumb-bells, a kettle-bell, a bar-bell with some free weights, and a chin-up bar. Simple stuff. Fancy weight "machines" are not for me. The reason for this is that I have an understanding of how the totality of the body works as one physical unit. What this means is that if you use a weight machine to specifically strengthen your pectoral muscles, for instance; this is typically what you will get: You will get a strengthening of your pectoral muscles, with a slight influence on other muscles.

However, if you do free-standing pectoral strengthening, you utilize nearly every muscle in your body through recruitment of other muscles. Not only that, but because many more motor neurons are being recruited (along with the muscles) to perform such exercises, your balance and coordination skills are enhanced during the process.

This makes your entire body stronger, more coordinated, and efficient. The same cannot be said of weight machines that "target" specific muscle/muscle groups.

I perform weight-free exercises without distracting music, as I want to focus 100% on the changes that are taking place in my body. I even do them barefoot so that I can strengthen the muscles of my feet and lower legs to help maintain grip and balance while lifting (no, I haven't broken any bones in my foot, YET!).

Now, of course, this is how I prefer to do things. Other people prefer other methods, which is absolutely fine. But the same is true of penis enlargement. If you utilize a machine to help you enlarge yourself, you are targeting only individual areas and ligaments. Whereas if you use more basic modes of penis enlargement, you and only you, know what you are doing and you get much more feedback from your penis (and body) about what you are doing and what is transformations are happening or aren't happening. And, just with weightlifting, you recruit other portions of your pelvis and penis to take part in the enlargement process. You then get a better response through recruitment of surrounding structures/tissues and impacting them, too, during the exercising process. You do not get as much of this recruitment with mechanical devices.

Penile enhancement focuses on very few internal (penis) and pelvic muscles (Remember, the penis isn't a muscle but has some muscle). Motor-neuronal innervation is strong in muscles but is very weak in other tissues, tissues such as ligaments. Since ligaments are a main focus in most penile-enhancement programs, whatever we can do to stimulate them and "wake them up" is important. By recruiting other surrounding tissues with natural exercising methods, we have the chance to recruit and stimulate an entire array of related tissues that can't be targeted in any other way. Certainly by nothing you can purchase in a bottle or tube.

This is why I prefer natural penis enlargement to such devices to enhance my penis size. Simple exercises that are performed by you, as you concentrate on your goals. The hands-on approach. No gimmicks, no devices, just you and your penis.

It's what works best for me and you don't have to be Harry Houdini to get results.
Tendonous Versus Ligamentous Penile Suspension
Why You Can Make Your Penis Bigger with Penis Exercises
In the body there are many tissues that help connect bone to bone, bone to muscle, tissue to tissue, and bone to tissue. In penis enlargement we are interested in tendons and ligaments and how they apply.

Tendons typically connect muscle to bone, such as your achilles tendon. They are typically stronger than ligaments and are not intended to stretch. In fact, if too much of a strain is put on a tendon, it will usually separate from the bone it is attached to (and take part of the bone with it), before it will break or stretch.

Ligaments typically attach bone to bone. A good example is the collateral ligaments of the knee. Ligaments are very strong, too, but they have flexibility and can stretch. People who are extremely flexible have stretched out their ligaments allowing their joints to have more mobility in them.

The penis is suspended by two main ligaments - The Suspensory Ligament and the Fundiform Ligament. These help anchor the penis and attach it to the body. We mentioned that most ligaments attach bone to bone. However, with these two ligaments, they attach soft tissue to bone.

The important thing to note is that these penile anchors are not Tendons, they are Ligamentous in structure. This means that with an applied force, over time, the length of these ligaments can be stretched.

This is one aspect of penis enlargement, by stretching out the suspensory apparatus of the penis, we can thus increase the length the penis grows upon erection. Penis-lengthening surgery uses a similar technique. But instead of stretching out these "anchors," they are actually cut to allow the penis to be less restricted upon erection. Some of the post-operative therapy for this type of surgery uses stretches that are similar to what men can do own their own to enlarge their penises.

Man should consider himself lucky that these penile anchors are ligamentous and not tendonous. If they were tendonous, there wouldn't be much hope for a man to enlarge himself via stretching.

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