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Women Want Bigger Breasts - Men Want Bigger Penises
Women want bigger breasts and men want a bigger penis.

Well, most men and women, anyway...

On the other side of the coin, some men want smaller penises and some women want smaller breasts. But the ratio of those who want to be bigger outnumber those who want to be smaller. Seems no one is ever satisfied... But that's human nature, really, always striving to be content and happy with yourself. That's the point of living.

A large portion of society speaks out about such things; claiming such desires for a woman to enhance their breasts is superficial and shallow; just as men are sometimes condescended because they want to enlarge their penises. But what's the real story?

The number one reason why women claim that they have breast enhancement is that it makes them look better, this makes them feel better, and it makes them more self-confident and improves their lives. This is the opinion of women who have had enhancements. In short, regardless of what society thinks, it brings most women a new character and happiness to their lives, after getting enhanced. It changes their lives - For the better.

For men it is the same way. Enlarging the penis can help a man unfold his personality, his self-confidence, and his sexual abilities.

Breast Augmentation or Penis Enlarging are just forms of Body Modification. For men and women it is really no different than plucking your eyebrows, piercing your ears, shaving your back, dying your hair, or wearing makeup. It is a form of altering your physical form for whatever reason; though for most people, it is to make oneself more sexually and physically attractive.

What could possibly be better than building your self-confidence, feeling better about yourself, and bringing a new character, contention, and happiness into your life? Who cares if other people think it is superficial? What matters is YOU.

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